Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Salad

Hello everyone!  I made this salad over Easter for breakfast and oh my gosh, what a delicious addition to scrambled eggs if I do say so myself.  As some of you know I have had gastric bypass back in October.  I want to warn some of you now this is made with artificial sweeteners.  Real sugars, honey, ect makes me sick.  So to broaden my horizons flavor wise I use artificial sweeteners.  Honestly I cannot tell a difference in flavor, texture or otherwise.  I just know that I am not sick to my stomach after eating it.  However if you are still with the full sugar crowd have at it.  Far be it for me to tell you what you can and cannot have.  Just don't be telling me how awful artificial sweeteners are, I am well aware but believe me folks when I say I would be limited to very few things if I didn't partake in artificial sweeteners.  Different boats for different folks, live and let live.  Now with that all being said let's talk about this salad shall we?  As I mentioned this is packed with so much flavor you wont even miss the whipped cream or high calorie pastry some people put with this stuff like this.  Don't be taking my word for it, see for yourself when you make it!  


2 apples diced
3 oranges reserve one orange off to the side
24 strawberries cut in half
2 bananas sliced and put off to the side
1/3 cup of artificial sweetener or sugar your choice
The juice of 1 orange


Ok so grab a cutting board and cut up all your fruit.  Put the bananas off to the side you will see why in a minute.  Next mix the sugar and fresh orange juice together.  Pour it over the fruit and leave out on your counter covered for 30 minutes.  This gives all the fruit time to macerate or release their juices.  Now right before you serve this peel and cut up the bananas and add the sliced bananas to everyone's individual bowls.  You do this so the bananas don't turn to mush and they will be fresh every time you have this salad.  You can serve this with scrambled eggs like I did, have it with oatmeal or by itself.  



Live, Laugh and Love

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