Monday, March 9, 2015

Mini Sundae Cakes for Two

Hi everyone, I know its been a while.  There has been a lot going on and I think I would have to make a whole blog post just to catch you all up on my life.  The short version is, anytime I make plans for anything something happens and that something always needs my attention first.  However today I am penciling in some time to give you a new recipe.  This one I created about a year ago, and its just now making it on my blog.  Oh well better late than never.  Now I will tell you right now I did not make any of this from scratch.  I wanted to keep this simple and I challenged myself to only use the microwave.  This recipe is for the people out there where cooking is not their thing or for kids that can only use the microwave, this one is for you!


1 Chocolate bar (any brand you like)
1 small package of chopped nuts again any kind you like I used chopped walnuts
1 cup of M&Ms
1 pat of butter unsalted
1 pre made mini pound cake you can find boxes of these at any grocery store
1 handful of Maraschino cherries
Whipped Cream


Before you begin anything you want to crunch the M&Ms, I used a hammer and a freezer bag.  I am not so fancy to have a mallet however if you have one have at it.  Now put those candies in a bowl and put off to the side.  Grab a microwave safe bowl and add the butter and chocolate.  You will want to heat this in 10 second increments because the chocolate melts fast. Now once your chocolate is melted add about half of the crushed m&ms to the chocolate.  Mix it around and pour it over the pound cake. Add the rest of the m&ms and the nuts top with cherries and whipped cream.  You can eat this by yourself or share it with a friend or significant other.  If you make this for a date though you better be damn sure you want this guy around though.  Because if you are not into him and you feed him this you will have a stalker for life girl.  

Live, laugh and love


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