Thursday, September 26, 2013

Homemade Stewed Tomatoes

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.  Lately we have been so busy with cooking and just trying to keep up with all these tomatoes!  This year was the biggest tomato season we have ever had!  Now truth be told my husband is the gardener in this family, sure I have picked up a few things about it here and there, mostly from doing this year after year with him.  Now If you do not follow me on my facebook page please do there you will find pictures from recipes, my youtube videos and reg. pictures of what I am up to.  I have made gallons of roasted tomatoes from the over 200 pounds of tomatoes this year.  That is right you read correctly 200 POUNDS, of tomatoes.  Here is just a sneak of just the green tomatoes not counting the ones I roasted:

So after roasting about 6 gallons of tomatoes, I thought since there are so many and roasting them was taking me days to complete, just to find more ripe tomatoes the next day why dont I just stew a whole mess of them in a huge stock pot?  So that is what I did. I made a huge batch of stewed tomatoes so I used bigger amounts of things.  However I am going to give you the less industrial sized version of this recipe lol.  


1-2 pounds of fresh tomatoes
1 large onion diced
2 stalks of celery diced
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of fresh basil
1 teaspoon of fresh thyme
1 teaspoon of fresh rosemary
1-2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning
1 green bell pepper diced
salt and pepper to taste


In a large stock pot or dutch oven add extra virgin olive oil and add all veggies except the tomatoes.  You want to sweat out the veggies and they cannot sweat when the tomatoes are in there.  Next we are going to add all seasonings,including the bay leaves and mix them around with the veggies.  After the veggies are translucent in color add in your tomatoes, now I cut mine in half  like this here:

Now we are going to let these stew, in order for that to happen you need to knock down the heat from a low medium to a medium low temp.  On my stove its a 3.  Cover the top of the pot and let them stew for about 6 hours or more.  Stir occasionally and as they cook down they are going to release their juices and give off more liquid.  You do not need to add water at all.  Just give it time and let nature take its course.  

I know this is a time consuming recipe however if you can devote just one day for making your own stewed tomatoes it will be well worth it in the end.  Take care everyone and Live, laugh and love.


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