Friday, September 20, 2013

Cake Shake

Hello everyone, I know I have been away for a bit.  We have been so busy with kids, homework, band practices, clubs, tomatoes, ect ect ect.  My oldest child is involved with two clubs at school plus she wanted to join band this year playing the trumpet.  If we thought our lives were loud before, hold on and find your ear plugs.  However the practice is hilarious to me and I know the pay off will be worth it, for right now its very funny to me.  My husband on the other hand not so much but you know what he can talk about that over on his blog.
Speaking of my husband last week was his birthday and days before his birthday he had all his teeth removed and got dentures.  So for a time he couldn't eat much in the way of solid foods.  Now me being the homemaker I am, I do not let a birthday go by in my house without least a birthday cake.  However he couldn't eat it, so I thought he can drink it!  So this recipe was born.  Now before you jump on me here, I know there are tons of different recipes making this very thing but mine is different, I kept it simple using real ingredients you would use in any cake minus the eggs. 


1/2 of a box chocolate cake mix (or whatever flavor you prefer)
2 cups of milk
1/4 cup of chocolate frosting (or whatever flavor you like)
1 frosted glass
1 big tub of sprinkles ( I call them jimmies)
approximately 2 cups of vanilla ice cream or more depending on how thick and how much your making.  I made enough for 5 people


Before you begin choose your glass, or mug you want the shake in and throw it in the freezer.  Grab your blender because this is the only tool you will need minus bowls and spoons and such.  Unless you have a high powered blender you will  have to blend the cake mix and milk first then add in the frosting, blend all that together and add a lot of ice cream.  Add more or less ice cream to your preference.  Now grab your frosty mug from the freezer and with a butter knife you will want to put some frosting around the rim of the glass.  Make sure you get every part of the rim or the sprinkles wont stick.  Now dunk your glass or mug into the sprinkles turning ever so slightly so you get every part of the rim.  Now add in your shake and a straw!  Its really that easy and simple.  You could do the same idea with shot glasses for mini cake shakes too.  Below is a video so you can see how I did it and some goofy commentary as well.  Take care and Live, laugh and love.  



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