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Your Number 1 Question Has Been Answered in 11 Steps Unorganized

 July 4th 2010

July 8th 2013

Hi everyone, so as you may have guessed by the pictures and the title I do not have a recipe for you.  However I hope this might help some of you out there who have battles with their weight.  I have not been shy about my tears of frustration with this through out my entire life.  I have been ridiculed and judged by my weight, never about the person I am or the things I know but simply by what I look like.  Over the years it has caused me to be angry because no number on a scale should be the reason anyone should be judged.  We are humans after all and being human does reduce us to judging people by what we see.  However this post today isn't about any of that.  Its about trying to help you if you are feeling that frustration too.
I was so annoyed by all the diets and all the things "skinny people" tell you to eat and dont eat and all the crazy exercises they tell you to do and all honesty you would have to be a size 0 just to complete them.  I knew at 323 pounds I had more to lose than the typical vanity pounds that the size 6 community worries about.  I didnt start this to look good in a pair of jeans or to take half naked pictures of myself and post them on facebook so I could get all the perverts a thrill.  I started this lifestyle journey to ensure that my children's mother would still be alive when they graduated from high school, to ensure that my future great grandchildren actually get a chance to know me and where they come from.  This to me was a much more personal and emotional goal more so than bringing my children into the world.  I am going to share with you all the steps I took to get this far now granted sitting here at 240 pounds I still have a ways to go, I still have a muffin top though much smaller than it was its still there. I have a lot more work to do and that is ok with me.  I am proud to be sitting here at 240 pounds instead of 323 pounds.  I have had many people ask me how I did this and I am going to give you some tips to get started.  Now I understand if it may not work for you and it wont work for you if you have let's say 30 pounds to lose, but it will if you were like me and have 18o or more to lose.  I am not a health expert and I am far from a guru, I just want to share with you all what worked for me so let's do this because you can.

Step 1 honestly add up all your calories that you eat in a day who cares about the number just add em up! the next day subtract 500 and that is what you should eat a day.

Step 2 if you are soda drinker and I was add up the number of ounces or cans you drink a day and drink one less can the next day and replace it with a bottle of water.

Step 3 cry let it all out, emotions, feelings you have been hiding away from for years and years have a come to Jesus meeting with the person that you feel hurt you the most even its you!  You may need to do this more than once but do not stop it until you feel that you have been heard.

Step 4 eat a bigger breakfast appox. 40 grams of protein so yes you can have your eggs and bacon and eat it too but add some fruit to it.  whatever fruit you like. this will keep you full and you may not even want lunch its ok have a late lunch.

Step 5 Eat only when hungry scale your hunger from a 0-10 meter, zero meaning starving, 10 meaning stuffed.  stay away from zero and ten that is when we get into trouble zones.

Step 6 MOVE!  However you feel comfortable I dont care if you have to just move your hands over your head while your watching tv move anyway

Step 7 Make small enough changes in your diet that you dont notice it so you wont feel like you have been deprived, example replacing 1 can of soda to 1 bottle of water adds up to a lot less calories consumed.  Adding an apple as a side to a burger and a salad as a side to pasta instead of bread.

Step 8 Talk to your dr about what he or she feels is right for you and take that time to ask questions no other source knows you, your family history and your body better.

Step 9  Make dinner your lightest meal, we have always thought eating cereal for breakfast should last us through until lunch, well that is wrong for so many people you need a lot of protein to fill you up to keep you alert. Instead have oatmeal and berries for dinner instead of breakfast.

Step 10  Unless you have sugar and insulin problems you can have your sweets but eat it after breakfast instead of late at night.  Pick one a day and eat it after breakfast you will have all day to burn it off.  

Step 11  Do no deprive yourself of anything just change what you have with it instead of french fries opt for sweet potato fries or an apple or a salad.  If you have a meat meal add corn instead of potatoes and carrots or broccoli.

So there are a few tips to get you started but dont do them all at once unless you want to, the goal here is to make small enough changes in your lifestyle that it adds up to a healthier and a happier you.  I hope this helps you and I know at 83 pounds less its worked for me.  

Live, laugh and love



  1. Congratulations on your success Heather, and for sharing such a personal story with us! Thanks for all the steps to help with weight loss. How long has it taken you to lose the 83 pounds?

  2. Hi Cindi,

    I have been working on this off and on and making a lot of mistakes for 3 years. I did so much research on this subject every single time I found I was gaining weight. My weight started coming off 8 months ago but the research about food and what would work for me took 3 years to do.

  3. Congrats Heather; so glad that your doing it slowly, as to adjust to the changes. It has to become a lifestyle.
    I started out about where you are now and an down about 40 lbs.or so; My goal is to feel good and be as healthy as I can. Continued success. P.s. Some of us saw beyond the surface and recognize the beautiful person that you are...Love the new pic ;)

  4. Thank you so much, yes slow and steady wins the race that is my new favorite motto. There are days when I want this to hurry up but I know that if I took it off fast it would come back on faster and I never would have learned to adopt healthy habits instead of unhealthy ones. I also have to remind myself that the weight didnt come on over night so its not going to take over night to take it off. Thank you so much for your kind words and good luck to you and your journey as well.

  5. I am so proud of you, Heather! I love you!

  6. You have done an awesome job Heather, keep up the good work!!!!