Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow Day Berry Pancakes

Hello everyone so I am back with my blog posts.  Very soon I will be back with videos as well.  Creatively I have been in a slump, there is just no other way to say it.  I have had food blog and vlog block.  Sometimes even the best foodie runs out of ideas or inspiration.  For this recipe there are a lot of factors that inspired me for this recipe.  One example of that would be this square pan that you see in the above picture.  I bought this pan from a fellow food blogger that sells pampered chef.  Its called a brownie pan but you can use it for many other things than brownies as I am going to demonstrate.  Another example of Heather getting her groove back as it were is its snowing here today and the kids have a snow day.  My kids love pancakes however standing at the stove flipping pancakes over and over again is not my way of spending a perfectly good snow day.  So onward and upward to this non traditional version of a very traditional recipe.  


1 1/2 cups of complete pancake mix I recommend Krusteaz complete pancake mix but use what you have on hand or if you prefer make it from scratch

1/4 cup of water add more if you like it thinner or if its too thick its really your taste

1 heaping handful of blueberries, you can use fresh or frozen, I used fresh

6 diced strawberries

1 teaspoon of almond extract, this is my little secret to my pancakes it gives it a little flavor booster without being too obvious  if you dont like almond extract use vanilla.

Cooking Spray


Pre heat your oven to 350 degrees.  Even though the brownie pan is non stick I am using a raw batter here so I gave it some extra love with a little bit of cooking spray.  From here grab a bowl or use what I did and that was a big pyrex measuring cup with a pourable top.  Add in the pancake mix, extract and water.  Mix it until your degree of thick or thinness.  Add blueberries and strawberries to the pancake mix and mix up until its well incorporated.  Now we are just going to fill the brownie pan cups with our batter and you should have enough for all 12 cups.  If you dont have this brownie pan go ahead and use a muffin tin.  Wipe off any excess that got on the pan, we dont want those to burn in the oven.  Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven.  The tops should be lightly golden brown.  Serve with fresh fruit or berries and warm maple syrup and you have a delicious breakfast on a snow day.  How do I know they are delicious you ask?  because my daughters told me so and because there are none left over thats how I know.  Here are some pictures if you need further convincing.

All golden brown looking so yummy I am telling ya these things play with your emotions.

All plated up and photo ready Im about to cry, not really but damn I  impressed myself!

Live, laugh and love all.  Heather


  1. This looks great! I make my pancakes from scratch and I even make my biscuit mix from scratch to use for pancakes too. Sorry to hear you are in a slump. Maybe check Pintrest for some ideas. But be warned it can get addicting lol. Hope to see more videos on your youtube channel. Can't wait to also see what Toby is going to plant this year. I live in Florida so we get to plant early.

  2. Its funny that you brought up Toby's garden because he just planted some seeds yesterday and we will be putting up a video on how he did it up here where its colder very soon. I like cooking things from scratch as well. I dont have much confidence when it comes to biscuits and pancakes. I have attempted those once and the pancakes upset everyone's stomach and the biscuits came out looking and tasting more like crackers lol. I love pintrest I just get very overwhelmed from it because there are so many recipes I want to try out. Thank you for your kind words Debi. Take care. Heather

  3. looks amazing!! Have to try these babies!! Nettie

  4. Thank you Nettie, the girls loved them. They took them to school the next day for snack.