Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BBQ Pulled Turkey Sandwich

Hello everyone, so the super bowl is right around the corner.  Now I am not much of a football fan but I did marry a football fan.  So that makes me the bonified cook for the day, in all honesty I am the cook every day.  I do however like to make some foods for my husband that he doesnt normally get through the year.  Normally we eat pretty healthy as a family however this one day a year I dont skimp on fat and calories.  However this recipe is a very light version to a favorite of many.  This is my spin on a pulled pork sandwich using turkey tenderloin as the main attraction.  Down below is a turkey tenderloin and there were two in a package for a very good price I might add.

1 turkey tenderloin
1 large onion
4 oz of your favorite bbq sauce I used sweet baby ray's
4 toasted bulkie rolls or hamburger rolls 
1 crock pot


Cut up your onion and put aside.  Place your turkey tenderloin in your slow cooker and add the bbq sauce.  Put your onion over the top of the tenderloin and here you can add more spices if you like.  My family likes just the flavor of the bbq sauce and onion.  Cook on low for about 6 hours or high for 4 hours.  When the turkey tenderloin is finished cooking, keep it in the ceramic bowl and take two forks and break it all apart, you can go ahead and add more bbq sauce to make it more saucy.  Put your pulled turkey mixture on a roll and you can top it with coleslaw or leave it alone.  This is healthier alternative to the fattier version any day and its so full of flavor you wont miss the high fat and calories.  Take care everyone and Live, laugh and love.


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