Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strawberry Watermelon Chillers

Hello everyone, so everywhere I go it seems the heat wont let up.  Now I have to be honest here, I live in Maine and the weather here has been moderate in comparison to North Carolina and most places south of us where its an inferno, I guess we don't have it too bad weather wise.  Its  still summer here though and there are days when the humidity makes it feel like Dallas Texas, my husband's words.  He should know since he was born and raised there.  This recipe struck me when I was drinking my 1000000th bottle of water and even though its very refreshing, I need a little bit more flavor.  I am not a fan of the lemon and water trick. For those of you that swear by it good for you, but its not for me.  So I was thinking what could I do in replace of it and then like the light bulb going off in my naturally blond mind I thought EUREKA, and this recipe was born at least in my mind it was.  I feel its that important that I need to share this with you, however if you do something similar or exactly the same, please just humor me for a minute while i bask in the glow of my light bulb moment.  Ok off to the recipe!


1/2 of a whole seedless watermelon or more depending on how much of this your making
1/2 container of strawberries again use a whole one if your making more
The juice of 1 lime
1/4 cup of sugar substitute or sugar depending on how sweet the strawberries are if they are sweet dont do this part
1-2 ice cube trays again depending on how many your making


Cut up your watermelon into quarters and peel off the rind. Next just dice up the watermelon into bite sized pieces.  Add the watermelon to a blender, you will probably have to do this in batches so I would say about half of the watermelon.  Next cut off the green stems to the strawberries, dice them and add them to the blender.  Add the lime juice and blend all the ingredients.  Grab your ice cube trays and fill them, if you have any leftover you can either make popsicles or you can save it for adult beverages by adding a little vodka, whatever works. Throw it in your freezer for about 8 hours and add to your water or any cold beverage.  I hope you all get a chance to try this, you will be sorry if you dont.  Live, laugh and love all.

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