Monday, June 4, 2012

Chicken Fried Steak

Hi everyone, I hope this week has been kind to you all.  This recipe that we are going to talk about today is already up on my you tube channel.  I have made it a million times for my husband and its very easy and affordable.  Chicken fried steak is known all through the south is the number 1 comfort food according to most people in the south.  I know that I live in the north, however I did not start making this blindly.  My husband born and raised in Texas taught me how to make this.  If something doesn't sound right to you with this recipe, blame him because I got the whole recipe from him.  Not that I am entirely blameless, I mean I did marry him.  This must be said for a man who created real dumbass news, I can see the mistake in judgement on my part lol jk ya ol Texan.  Ok so I will get on with the recipe and leave the small chit chat for dumbass news.


1 teaspoon of seasoned salt (depending on how many your making)
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1 teaspoon of ground red pepper
1 teaspoon of granulated garlic or garlic powder
2-3 whole large eggs
2-3 cups of flour
4-6 cube steaks use more and adjust the seasonings if your feeding a crowd
1/2 cup of vegetable oil or more depending how large your skillet is


Before you begin I recommend taking off any rings you will get messy I dont care what Martha Stuart says, she doesn't live in my house.  Next heat up a large skillet deep enough to fry things in, over medium heat and drop in your oil.  Now we need to set up a station of some kind.  You need to season the meat with a little salt and pepper rub first.  Grab two bowls, one is going to be for your seasonings and flour mixed together.  The other one is going to be for your eggs, after you beat up your eggs its ok if you want to add some hot sauce too.  Now while your oil is heating up grab one of the steaks, plop it in the flour and seasonings mixture, then the egg and then the flour again.  You will do this twice per steak because it makes it extra crunchy.  Now its time to test your oil to see if its hot enough, grab a pinch of flour and sprinkle it in the oil, if the oil bubbles around it its ready.  If not just continue getting your steaks prepared.  When your oil is ready, gently put your steaks that have been egged, floured and seasoned in the oil.  DON'T MESS WITH IT!!  You want a crispy outside so once its in the pan don't move it, don't try to flip it.  After about 5 minutes or so you will notice the bottom of the steak look golden brown, that is the time to flip it over.  Cook it another 5 minutes and its ready to drain on a paper towel.  Just continue on with these steps until you have cooked them all.  Now you have made a southern dish that you didn't have to travel to the south to get and it cost you pennies.  If these instructions are confusing, no worries I will post the video I made to help you along. Take care all and live, laugh and love.

Here is the Video:

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