Friday, March 23, 2012

Italian Sandwiches, No I am not talking about my family in a bear hug

Hi everyone, sorry this post is coming late in the day.  We had some errands to run and a child to pick up from pre school.  One of our things we needed to do was go to the grocery store.  My husband hates that I go with him because we always come back with way more than we think we need at the time.  I also have a small tendency to browse and let's just say my husband would rather get what we need and leave.  I like looking at new products and checking out labels and just take in the whole shopping experience.  Ok so my perk about shopping might a bit bigger than I lead you to believe.  However I just love to shop weather it be for groceries or window shopping, I think in a past life I was a personal shopper.  Although I am getting way ahead of myself because as you know another thing I like to do is cook.   So with that being said I am going to tell you all what we are having for dinner tonight as some of you may have guessed, we are having Italian sandwiches.  Now depending on where you are in this fine country of ours depends on what you call these gems of goodness.  Some parts of the country call them gyros, others subs but I promise you if you go to any deli counter in the state of Maine and order an Italian sandwich this is what you will get.  A large or small sub roll with veggies meat and cheese, now if you dont like meat then get a veggie Italian.  Ok so here are the ingredients that I am sure most of you are familiar with.  Oh and one more thing aside from eating these I am in the know about these because I used to make them for a living, a lot of them as a matter of fact.  Ok Now here comes the ingredients enjoy !  


Sub rolls large or small doesn't matter mostly whatever you want and 1 per person
1 whole bell pepper sliced the long way (no chopping unless that is just how you roll)
1 whole tomato or more depending on how many sandwiches you are making count on about 4 half slices per sandwich
1 small to medium onion finely diced
1 large can of black olives or if you want to be all fanciful use calamata olives instead
1 jar of dill pickle chips (not potato chips)
extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper to taste
Ham you will need approx. 2 slices per person
Cheese 1 slice per person  just cut it in half to make it fit on the bun


First you start off with   your sub rolls sliced down the center of the bun.  Next you will want to do your prep so start with your bell pepper.  Remove the stem by cutting around it or slicing the top off.  Clean out the seeds, and the white rind.  Cut the whole pepper in half and then make skinny slices down the length of the pepper or you can just chop it its fine too.  Next slicing your tomato you just want to cut it half and slice down the length of the tomato.  Your going for a half moon look, or you can slice it how you want to.  Dice your onions and put all your veggies in separate piles.  Paper plates works wonderful in keeping everything in its own home.  So grab your sub roll add your ham and cheese or whatever meat you prefer. (If you are keeping this veggie go ahead and add lettuce, mushroom and maybe cucumber too).  Next add your tomatoes, green pepper, onions and black olive.  Top off with pickles, salt, pepper and oil and your done and so is dinner. 

 I know some of you make these all the time so I am not telling you something you didnt already know but this is for the people out there who want to learn how to make these at home without getting take out all the time.  Yes I am talking to you Mr I know my deli person better than my mother, we know who you are lol.  In all seriousness though I hope you enjoy these and sorry I dont have a picture of them,,,, I havent made them yet its only 1 15 in the afternoon, I said these were for dinner.  Well until I see you all next time live laugh and love.

Here's a Picture of the finished product!  

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  1. Heather, I have enjoyed your YouTube videos and appreciate the time you and your family take to share recipes and a little bit of yourselves and your sweet girls with others. I simply adore how wonderful you and Toby are with one another. A true example of love and friendship to be sure. Thanks for giving of yourselves and sharing with all of us. We're thinking of Toby today as we till our garden space. Your kiddos are lucky to get home grown and home cooked food! If you ever want to keep in touch, my e-mail address is: (remove all spaces and the address will be perfect) s-a-t-u-r-e-n-s- at y-a-h-o-o- dot c-o-m. Warm thanks and bless you all! Wendy