Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everything Dressing

Hello everyone I hope your day has started off well.  Here in New England we are having above average temps and its really bringing out the spring and summer feelings with everyone.  So in light of our wonderful weather I came up with this salad dressing.  Now I am not sure if other people have a recipe similar, which they probably do because a lot of people love the dressing that kfc uses on their coleslaw.  This dressing is inspired by that, its not low cal or fat free but fat free isnt always good for you.  Fat free can be a fake health food even low cal can be.  Ok let's save that for another day because we all could talk about that and make a new blog post about it lol.


1/2 cup of mayo ( the real stuff and no miracle whip it will ruin the taste)
1/4 cup of white vinegar
3 tablespoons of sugar or for all you fake sugar people use that
1/2 teaspoon of salt and pepper
1/2 cup of milk add more if you want a thinner dressing


In a bowl add in the mayo and then the rest of the ingredients.  Mix it all up with a fork until its all combined.  You might need to taste it to see if you need more vinegar or sugar.  Chill for about an hour and you can use this on a salad, a dip for veggies or even on coleslaw.  Last weekend it was very nice out and we had a picnic, I used it to make turkey salad sandwiches.  Even my youngest liked it and she is my picky one.  However you make this dressing at least make it because you wont be sorry that you did.  Until next time everyone Live,laugh and love


  1. This looks much like my coleslaw dressing. My husband is ridiculous about all things SWEET, and his mother used to make it just for him! Oddly many people love it I am learning. Enjoy your nice weather, we have had 80's in the midwest, it is wonderful and freaky!!

    1. You are right the weather is pretty strange.We have been in the 80's for the past few days and now we are hearing reports of snow for us Monday. No wonder people cannot get well from the flu lol. I figured other people would have a similar recipe to the dressing because I was thinking of the flavors of kfc coleslaw dressing and I know there are a lot more people than just my family that likes it lol. take care and thank you for the comment. Heather