Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recipes and My YouTube Channel

Hello everyone, I know its been some time since I have put up a blog and I am sorry for that.  I have been busy making my cooking recipes on YouTube and now I have to work on bringing some of those recipes over here and vise versa.   Everything will be sync in the way of my blog and my cooking channel.  At any rate I wanted to discuss some things with you all if I may.  First I would to explain why I even started to document my recipes that I make for my family.  My grandmother died when she was 59 years old, she was born with angina heart disease and unfortunately this took her life at a very young age.  My aunt, uncles and mother were heart broken as you can imagine.  My mother was a teen mom and we are not talking teen mom's of today's where its popularized and glamorized by the media and tv.  My mother had it rough and from the moment she knew I was growing in her belly she did everything she could do to do right by me.  No one had to tell her that she had to give up her teen aged years she just did.  No one had to tell her that she had to still graduate from high school, she just did.  Through all of that my grandmother was there for her, instead of turning her back on her like some do.  My grandmother was instrumental in my mother being able to graduate from high school and to work full time without hardly missing a day.  My grandmother watched me while my mom was working her fingers to the bone to provide for me.  It was during these times with my grandmother that I learned to cook and learned to be creative with food even if its just for fun.  It was those times I learned a lot of life and how to truly love your family when that is all you have to give.  When my grandmother died it was like losing my best friend, I was 15 years old and I have to tell you twenty years later it still hurts.
So onto the reason for why I even document my recipes.  My grandmother never did anything by a recipe unless it was something new she wanted to try, everything all the family meals and measurements of things came from her mind.  So when she died a lot of the meals she made and how to make them died with her.  My mother mentioned how she wished Grammy would have wrote some of them down.  That is when the light bulb went off in my head and in my heart.  I could take all the meals that the kids like and write down how to make it and the ingredients so they will always have them.  I started to blog about them because I wanted to share what I made with my friends and family.  Then it turned into other people being interested in them as well.  I never thought in a million years that this would inspire others to be creative in their kitchens.  When I decided to make videos on my cooking, I did it because my girls will some day be able to watch these back and see me cooking for them as if I never stopped.  This is what I can leave to my girls that will be theirs one day when I am no longer on this earth.  So you see the things I cook I do it out of the love for my children and my family.  I hope what I do inspires you too.  It doesn't matter what it is even if everyone hates what you made, at least they tried it and experienced the love you put behind it.  Live, Laugh and love

My Grandmother