Monday, June 20, 2011

My Favorite Texas Tweeties Live in San Angelo Texas

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day and that the sun is shining where ever in the world you are.  Today is a departure from my recipes.  Yes I know I have a habit of departing from my normal day to day so often that its not so much of a departure for you.  Over this past weekend we received a beautiful gift from a friend of mine and my husband's.  His name is Bob Zeller and he and his wife Ann are a very talented two some.  Bob is a photographer and he makes calenders among other things.  He goes to the local state park and takes nature photos, namely photos of birds. In the above video we have their work for you all to see and let me tell ya this video does them no justice just wait until you have this in your hands.  The calenders that Bob makes are great quality and the pictures are so clear its like you looking at it as though its happening.  I mentioned Bob's wife Ann, she hand knits afghans, lap robes, baby afghans and knitted dish towels among many other things.  She ships and sells her products all around the country, if you are interested in either Bob or Ann's products I will provide you all with that information.  I hope you give them a try because it will be well worth your money. Tell em Heather and Toby sent ya. Live, laugh and love all.

To order afghans ,towels ect  Contact Ann at Creations by Ann  325-944-1893 
To order Calenders or cards from Bob contact him at  
You will be glad you did !


  1. Nice! I didn't know you were doing a blog! Love it! :o)

  2. Hi Cindy, Yes I have been doing a food blog for about a year now. Its recipes that my kids enjoy and eventually I want to print it out so when the girls get married they have all their family recipes at their fingertips. That way where ever they and their families wind up in this big ol world, I wont be too far away from them. I also have a youtube channel too. I have taken some recipes from this blog and turned them into a video format so not only will you have the recipe you will be able to see how its done. I really enjoy your blog too its so much fun dont you think?!