Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hi everyone, some of you probably know already that I started a youtube 
channel.  I have been wanting to do this for some time however I didnt know how to go about it.  I tried a few years ago to put up a random youtube video but it never went up because youtube said it was the wrong format.  So recently I dug a little deeper as to why I was having problems.  Come to find out it was something simple, go figure right? lol  So after I got it worked out I did a test video with a slideshow and narration right, I thought it would be pretty easy.  Ha Ha on me because I was wrong, arranging the pictures and creating the slideshow that is the easy part, the hard part came trying to get the narrative on there.  For over 4 hours I fought with the beast that is known as youtube.  With much frustration, paper throwing, and hair pulling, it worked and I got it on there.  Sure there were a few glitches that only Clark Griswold would go through.  For instance doing the narration, I had to have my husband try to help me because none of the audio that I was trying to use was working.  After about an hour we realized that the mic I was using was turned to mute.  Then after I created the video and put it up on youtube, I didnt realize until the next day that the volume on the mic wasnt high enough.  So for those of you who saw that first video I am sorry you had to blow your speakers just to hear what I was saying semi ok.  Man I know good ol Clark Griswold would be proud of the trials and tribulations we went through on that fateful night. 
So Now on to my update, I currently have 3 videos up on my youtube channel ready for viewing.  Its Heatherzblueyez1975 on youtube just type that into the search bar and it will come up.  Or you can just use this link, I am not sure if it will work but I hope it does http://www.youtube.com/user/Heatherzblueyez1975.  Please subscribe and feel free to leave comments I promise I will respond to them.  I am still keeping my blog going but its going to be a once a week thing.  I have prepared it to be a once a week thing anyway because I knew I was going to be on youtube anyway.  Look for my youtube videos because I will be posted a new video at least once a day.  On the weekends my oldest daughter is going to be my little kitchen helper for my cooking with the kids segments.  Take care everyone and live, laugh and love.

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