Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simmer Pot

Hello everyone, today we are taking a departure from a food recipe.  We are still doing a recipe however its for a natural air freshener.  This one smells better than some air fresheners on the market and its made with all natural ingredients.  Now there are a million different recipes out there to make your own simmer pot.  This is the one I used and I have to tell you, it smells delightful in here.  Plus if you keep your simmer pot ingredients in the fridge when not in use they last up to 6 days !  So instead of all the dangerous ingredients that most air fresheners come with give this recipe a try, you may like it better than what you are using now!  


6 dried Clementines
2 drops of vanilla
6-12 dried cranberries
about 6 cups of water


The idea for this recipe is to use fruit or flowers that are drying up and instead of throwing them away use them in your simmer pot.  So for the recipe I used was about 6 dried Clementines quartered.  Add all the ingredients but the water to a saucepan mix around and add the water.  Heat up to a boil than to a simmer.  About every 30 minutes add more water and keep it on the back of your stove.  The smell will go all through your house and it only gets more concentrated as the day goes on.  Of course if you are going to be leaving your house you will want to shut off your stove first.   I hope this was helpful to you and keep in mind you can use whatever fruit or flower you wish this is just what I had and it worked wonderfully.  Live, laugh and love all

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