Friday, March 4, 2011

MishMawsh Chocolate Fudge

Hello everyone, so I figured today since its Friday I would close the week of sweets and treats with a quick and easy treat.  It takes 5 minutes to prep and about an hour or less if you cannot wait to set up.  I first saw this recipe on food network and since then I have worked on ways to make it different and a lot less mess even though its not that bad for mess to begin with.  However you do have to be quick about it because this stuff sets up immediately.  What is it that I am talking about you ask?  Fudge, chocolate fudge to be exact.  It only requires 3 ingredients and a microwave safe bowl and of course a microwave.  So lets get this started so we can enjoy our weekend !


1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 cups of chocolate chips I used milk chocolate but you can use whatever you have on hand
1/4 cup of butter make sure its unsalted otherwise it will taste weird.


Grab some parchment paper or wax paper.  Measure it out bigger than the pan your going to be putting your fudge on to set you will see why later.  From there you want to add your  milk, butter and chocolate all to a microwave safe bowl and put in the microwave for 3 minutes on high.  Make sure it doesnt boil over in the microwave, that has happened to me once or twice I must admit lol.  This is the part you really have to work fast you will want to mix this stuff up and pour it into the dish you have already lined with either wax paper or parchment.  Smooth it out and let it chill in the fridge for about an hour.  After its chilled to take it out of the pan all you need to do is grab the parchment paper or wax paper that is hanging around the edge of the pan.  This is why you want the paper your using to line the pan bigger so you dont have to fight with it.  Then all that is left to do is start cutting into it.  I hope you enjoy your weekend and please live, laugh and love.  

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