Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi everyone, so sorry I forgot to put up my blog this morning.  We have had quite the day of sick husbands and kids as well as spring cleaning.  Yesterday I cleaned out Bailey's closet and gave my friend 3 bags of girls clothes.  We have been cleaning bees around here and we did it all in our jammies, ya cant get better than that.  We had to run to the store today and that was a dreaded trip that really needed to be done.  We only went to Sam's and Walmart but it was like a journey to the end of the earth with the girls.  Issy doesn't like shopping with me anymore and Bailey wants everything she sees.  Where is the happy medium in this I have no idea.  I did finally buy my favorite shampoo and conditioner finally, that on sale crap I bought at rite aid was making my hair feel like straw but that is what we do to make sure our kids our taken care of so they can beat us up some more lol. Just kidding about that.......almost.  Anyway because I totally spaced it today how about tomorrow I put up two oldie but goodie recipes for you all.  I hope you all enjoy your thirsty Thursday and live, laugh and love!

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