Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dessert Pizza for Two

Hello everyone, so for this week the theme is going to be simple and easy recipes that the men in your life can cook for you, or you can cook for them whatever the case may be. I figured I would start with dessert first because that's just how I roll. I mean who doesn't like dessert first, and men if you are reading this keep that in mind. I took a little help from the store for this one.


1 package of sugar cookie cookie dough or any flavor would work chocolate chip would be divine.
About a cup or more of strawberries, sliced banana and sliced kiwi, you can use any assortment of fruit you like. this is just the assortment I like.
1 cup of chocolate chips
1-2 maybe even 3 tablespoons of Milk or cream whatever you have on hand


Start off by using a pie pan because a pizza pan will be to large if you are making this two people. Spray the pie pan with non stick cooking spray. Then roll out your cookie dough to fit the pie pan. Bake on 350 in the oven for about 8-10 minutes. Let cool and then melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for about a minute or so. You want to watch the chocolate chips the whole time because when they start to melt is when you want to bring them out and add the milk or cream. Keep stirring until the chips melt. You want the chocolate to have some sheen to it like chocolate sauce. Make sure its thin enough to pour over your cookie. If it isnt add a little more milk to it and keep stirring until it is where you want it. You want to reserve some of that chocolate to top your fruit with. Next Slice and arrange your fruit however you like. This is a fun part because you can be very creative with this. Then take your reserved chocolate and drizzle in any pattern you prefer over the top. Slice it up in pizza wedges and your dessert is done. I hope this brings a lot of love to those of you who make this. Until tomorrow my friends, live, laugh and love.

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