Friday, January 28, 2011

Special Weekend Post

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great end of the weekend day. I know its very unusual for me to post a blog on the weekends but I felt that the introduction to this week's theme needed its own post. The theme this week is romantic and simple recipes. Many men know how to cook, I was blessed with a husband that is no stranger to a kitchen. I know there are some out there that aside from the microwave have no interest in cooking. That is ok because we love them anyway. So I thought because Valentine's is around the corner how about I put up some simple and elegant recipes that a guy with a girlfriend, wife, mother, or friend could cook for and they wont be too hard but they will be a real treat for their love. I know its a mushy idea, however for me this time of year is very special to me. About 7 years ago I was a single mother of a year and half old, I had no prospects of marriage or even dating. I got a lot of judgmental things from people, believe it or not even though we dont live in the 50's there are still a lot of people out there that like to put their two cents in on single parents. I heard a lot of "oh your looking for a daddy then" or "why did you have a baby without being married' and the list goes on and on. I felt that there was no use in looking for a relationship, my life was mommy and that was it. I would get up in the morning, get the baby ready for daycare, drop her off and head to work. Come home for just enough time to feed her, give her a bath and go to bed and do the same thing over the next day. The summer of 2004 I was talking to my friend Kevin in a chat room and I was watching dora with my daughter. I said I am not sure but I could have sworn I heard dora say "a bung hole" Kevin laughed and he said I am not sure but I dont think she said that you probably heard that wrong. So in walks this guy with the sign on Setdhooktx and Kevin said Toby will know what that was that dora said. I asked him and after he made fun of me for a bit he told me it was "abajo" meaning low or below in Spanish. So after that day me and this Toby person talked a lot and I learned a lot about him. I learned his love for his family and his sense of humor was so infectious. He became my best friend, and then later after a series of many obstacles became my husband. When we got married I didnt want anything huge and a lot of people didnt understand that because it was my first wedding. For me it was more about having a marriage and becoming a family with a man I knew and still know will love me and our all our children for the rest of our lives. To this day I am sure not many understand why I didnt want fluff for a wedding. It was simple in my living room with a dear friend of mine and my aunt and uncle. I wouldnt change it for the world. It was finally where I wanted to be and I found home where I never thought I would ever find it. The date was February 16th, 2008. However we didnt officially become more than friends until November 21st 2004. I have known this man for almost 7 years and I kinda like him, lol. We have had our share of difficulty in adjusting to our new family we created and there were times when it would have been so easy to jump ship. I cannot tell you what made me stick it through it except for the fact that this family meant more to me than what was going on at the time and I was going to give it tough love and a lot of hard work. Its not all hard though please dont misunderstand, I love this man and I know what a good man he is and I think that more than anything else is what pulled me through. So I am so proud of Toby or better known as Setdhooktx lol. I take nothing I have for granted and I thank God for all his blessings every single day. Since Toby and I have gotten together we had another daughter and beat the odds of internet relationships. Even though there are some very terrible stories out there about people and the internet there are some really good ones too. I think if you are ready for it when you least it expect it, it shows up in places you never would have imagined you would. Toby and I are far from done and our journey together is just beginning and I couldnt have asked for more. Live, laugh and love everyone!

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  1. I love you, Heather. God has been pretty dang good to me, too. :)