Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year. We kept it simple this year but it was still as busy as usual. We had a Christmas eve dinner, and instead of making a huge turkey or ham and all the sides, I decided to make a turkey breast. It was ok but the store didn't have the brand I normally buy when it comes to turkey breast. I love honeysuckle white boneless turkey breast, it cooks amazingly and it doesn't take a long time either. However as luck would have it around the Christmas season I couldn't find it so I went with a bone in turkey breast. It was ok so Christmas dinner wasn't a complete disaster but nothing note worthy in my opinion. Then after Christmas dinner we waited for santa and put out milk and cookies (not in that order lol). Isabella decided to wake up at 1 am go downstairs and hound us for 2 to 3 hours about opening the presents that santa flooded the living room with. Gotta love an 8 year old's excitement on Christmas morning hahha, she woke up her littler sister who by the way is a grumpy gus when she wakes up in the morning anyway so being woke up by her big sister wasn't exactly a treat for her or us as her parents. After opening the monstrosity that only Christmas and Santa can bring, we high tailed it to Eastport to spend the rest of Christmas day with my family. That car ride had to have been the longest one in history, our 3 and half year old had to take a tour of every single public toilet in a gas station known to man. The oldest one wanted to taste test all the snacks along the way. That was in between the fighting and arguing and stop touching me. Needless to say it was a car ride that only Clark Griswold would have been proud of.
So that was how our holiday went, and I wouldn't have changed anything for the world maybe a couple of hours of sleep would have been nice but hey I'll take it. Now its time to get back on track and so hence my blog being back up. If any of you have any recipe ideas for me to try out or any suggestions please let me know. I will be thrilled to try it out provided that I have the ingredients in my pantry. Most things can be altered anyway and almost all ingredients can be subbed out to ingredients you do like.
Well everyone I know I have rambled on enough so you are probably taking naps by now haha. I hope you all have a great day and make sure you live, laugh and love.

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