Monday, December 6, 2010

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Hello everyone, I hope my Maine friends are enjoying this winter wonderland we have been blessed with today. Of course its not so much a blessing if you have to travel in it and if you do please be safe out there. For all my other friends outside of the state, I hope today is kind to you as well. I have no recipe today, so its just going to be a mumble jumble mix of things. I know I said I was going to have a blog up 7 days a week. I am sorry but I dont think I can do that, I am not that organized. However I will try to make a game plan for my blog for the next day so it will help me stay focused. I get very easily distracted especially this time of year.
So this coming Sunday is my birthday and I will be turning 35. I used to get so excited for my birthday. That was the day that seemed to last all day long. If I had a birthday or not my mother made it a special day for me, from the moment I woke up until bedtime. That was also the day growing up that we would get our Christmas tree. Most of the time it was a real one and mom and me would decorate it before I went to bed. Its funny after 30 or more years of doing that those memories stuck with me. This is my favorite time of the year. Sure this holiday comes with its stresses but doesn't everything? I feel this way, if your children are healthy and you are able to wake up another day on this earth and you are warm and have food to eat, you are blessed. Sure the bill collector that calls twenty five times a day is irksome and maybe you have a rowdy neighbor that thinks its a wonderful idea to have a full fledged Christmas party at 3 am is appropriate and necessary. However when you look in your children's eyes and feel their joy and love for you and just their laughter and smiles makes it all worth it. Everyone is having hard times this year, its what we choose to make of it that matters. A lot of people could eliminate a lot of stress if they just focused on the things that are right in the world instead of the bad things. It makes you feel better to forgive than it does to hold onto anger and be vengeful. Even if you dont feel like it sometimes, smile anyway and eventually that smile will make your day feel better no matter what day you had. Its easy to choose to be miserable but in the long run its not good for you. Instead of focusing so much on negativity, try to focus on the things that were positive in your day. You will be amazed that the things you thought mattered dont really matter all that much anymore. I hope you all have a wonderful day , Until we meet again I wish you all laughter, love and a lot of living take care.

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