Friday, September 3, 2010

Ramblings/ Rant

Hi everyone, it was way too hot here yesterday for me think of a blog. I am sorry I missed you guys. We took our a/c down a couple of weeks ago and thought that a few days wasn't worth trying to put back up so we just roasted instead. I am at a loss for ideas for recipes so if any of you have any ideas for recipes for me to try out let me know. I already received one recipe from a friend of mine that I want to try but its a soup so I might work on that sometime next week when it will be cooler.
So how was everyone's first day back to school? I love looking at people's pictures that they put up on facebook of their kids. They are so adorable.
I really dont have much to yack about today, I am really tired and very chill today since the temps today are much more comfortable than they were yesterday. I know I have housework to catch up on. I think next year we wont take the a/c down until the middle of September because the past few days have been so awful. I know in the southern parts of the country its hotter and I know that they would love to have weather like we had the past few days, I can already hear it. However when you live in the south do you expect to have Maine winters? I didnt think so, so why here in Maine when we complain about having temps in the mid 90's people say well that is comfy weather? Maybe for you it is but most folks that live here in Maine have lived here their whole lives and the average temp for this time of year is 76 and that is just the way it is. People that live here are used to it just like people in the south are used to 100 degree temps for this time of year.
I didn't put this blog up so people could judge me and how I do things, I put this blog together so maybe it will help someone who doesn't know how to cook or for someone somewhere to find some use for it. I understand when you put yourself out there you get feedback that is not wanted I totally get that. Its just sometimes its not necessary to go out of your way to be a complete ass about it either. If its not constructive I really have no time for it. I have more to do with my day than worry about some random person spouting off just to hear themselves talk without really offering any solutions. Because of this reason I have thought a few times about just taking this blog down and being done with it, because its intended purpose was to offer ideas/suggestions for something different to cook and get motivation to get myself on a healthy way of life. Anyway my rant is over, I do appreciate all of the readers though. Everyone has opinions just like they have assholes. You just have to take the good with the bad I guess. Well everyone I hope you have a great labor day weekend, be safe and live, laugh and love whenever you can.

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