Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Recipe today

Hi everyone, so today was the first day of school here in Augusta. I am so excited for my oldest daughter and I cannot wait for my little one's first day of school in a couple more years. Time flies by way too fast and before you know it you are the proud mama or daddy sitting in the audience watching your child walking across the stage to get her or his diploma from high school, then college. When I was younger I thought time stood still and I couldn't wait to be a grown up. Now time doesn't slow down enough for me. My oldest daughter will be 8 years old in October and I know to some people that is just the beginning, but to me the beginning with her is the moment I found I was pregnant for her. I have enjoyed my children so much that 8 years flew by and my baby who would always wake up greeting the world with a smile, no matter if she was sick or not is now in the second grade and I have to wake her up to get up for school. She fights and protests and tells me she wishes she had one more day of summer, I only wish I had one more day where she would wake up as easily as she did when she was a baby. My youngest daughter, well she cannot wait for school to start, she's a lot like her father always has been. Even when she was a baby and couldn't even walk yet she knew if she didn't like something or someone she would let the whole world know it and not apologize for it lol. Now that she is 3 and starting to use her words better, I am finding comic relief with everything she says and does because she is so witty ( like her father). She looked at him the other day when he was scolding her about something and she changed the subject awful fast when she looked at Toby and said "daddy I bootiful." lol I have a feeling she will be the class clown making everyone laugh driving the teachers nuts but because she is so much like her father she is also very smart and I am sure teachers will love her too. I know I am rambling , but it just amazes how fast time goes by and it amazes me how my oldest daughter Isabella is exactly like me in every way possible and Bailey is exactly like her father. I hope you all have a wonderful day, stay cool and live, laugh and love because there is going to come a day when today is the past and you will miss this. take care

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  1. That is NOT a tear in my eye! It's allergies, I tell you. Allergies!