Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mishmawsh random thoughts

Hi everyone, today is going to be a bit different and on a different course. As you all may have guessed I Kinda like cooking. However a very long time ago I used to like writing too, nothing too fancy just what was on my mind at the time. I was feeling a bit nostalgic and I was listening to some music that I enjoyed back when I was probably between 6-8 th grades. "I Remember You" by Skid Row. Back then when I listened to it I had a huge crush on Sebastian Bach and I thought the whole band was pretty hot. It was also pretty hot back in the day for the "rough" rocker types to have power ballads, its a like a hair band's signature and very similar to the foo foo singers like Celine, Mariah and Whitney. I always knew what the song was about but never really listened to it with grown up ears. After really listening and watching the video again after all these years, I found it very heartbreaking and it made me think. Think about what if that was one of us? If you dont know what the video is about its about a homeless man and among a few personal items is a picture he carries with him always of the love his life. Anyway I strongly suggest to look it up on youtube to see the whole thing. What if the love of our life is gone from your life and what if we were homeless? What if we ran into that person again being homeless and have nothing to give them but our undying love? Would they accept us? Everyone faces different challenges in life and it makes us who we are. I am not the same person I was when I was 14 years old, I am similar and a semi more grown up version. I say semi because of my refusal to completely grow up and stop having fun lol but grown up nonetheless and as I should be. Sometimes during the process of growing up our feelings about some people never change. What if you missed your only chance at true love and all you have are memories of what could have been? What if you never realize where your heart really is until its too late? Sometimes we take for granted the people in our lives because they are there at that moment and we feel they will always be there. If there is one thing I learned being a grown up is just because someone is there now doesn't mean they always will be. Same thing can be said for love, love is more than just a feeling ( excuse the ill pun to the song) its what you do, what you work at and what everyone wants to strive for. Love is hard work but its worth it, sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Take the homeless man in the video, he has nothing, no home, no job, no family and now no love of his life either and yet he still holds on to a picture of his true love. I wonder if the girl in the picture knew how much he loved her or would she care? This man has nothing to offer her but his love for her and him. It sounds so hopeless to love someone when every single odd is stacked against you. Is that the time to fight harder? What if you lost the fight simply because of your circumstances, then what? Too many questions, I like to think in my romantic heart of hearts that he does run into her again and she is shocked to see him living the way he does but thrilled to see him again. I think that they connect on a much deeper level than they did before and he gets back on his feet again because of her and they wind up married with 3 children and live in a modest house and take yearly vacations. They live blissfully happy until they die together in their 90s with their family by their side. Sure it might sound like a pipe dream but come on its soo sad I want this guy to have a happy ending so I made it up but it doesnt mean it cant happen. Anyway I know this was a goofy type of post but that is just who I am and that is just how I roll. Until tomorrow live, laugh and love you never know what to expect from me .

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