Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chicken Noodle and Barley Soup

Hello everyone, Sunday night we had a roasted chicken for dinner. We wound up with a lot of leftovers from that dinner. For last night's dinner I noticed we are all getting the sniffles and my husband is sounding like he's coming down with a cold. So last night's dinner was a no brainer, chicken soup. Here is how I made it, feel free to change it or swap ingredients to your liking.


2 cups of chopped chicken
2 cups of cooked carrots
1 diced onion
1 diced garlic clove
2 stalks of celery diced
2 chicken flavored bullion cubes
half cup of egg noodles
half cup of barley
salt and pepper to taste
a dash of oregano


Grab a large dutch oven or a large pot, drizzle about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and heat up add onion, celery and garlic. On about a medium low heat sweat the veggies until they are soft and add your chicken and carrots. Mix in some salt and pepper and oregano. Dissolve your bullion cubes in hot water in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Pour in the chicken flavored water and bring to a boil, next add in your barley and noodles. Cook on medium low heat until the noodles and barley is done. Serve with crackers and a salad and you have a yummy and healthy meal. My family loved this so much we had no leftovers, yipppeeee. Now to figure out what is for dinner tonight, maybe home made spaghetti sauce with meatballs? Perhaps. Take care everyone and make sure you take the time to live, laugh and love too.

Quick Tip:

Want a healthy snack that wont kill your calories for the day, heat up your broiler to about 500. take a tomato slice it in half and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese, mrs dash tomato and basil flavored and broil just until the topping on the tomato is golden brown. Its so gooey and yummy you will tricked in thinking your eating something naughty.


  1. You can add as little is 2 cups or as much as 6 cups of water, it just depends how much broth you like to have in your soups. I hope this helped.