Friday, August 20, 2010

Update alert

Hi everyone, I know I said I would have a hummus recipe up for today's post, but I decided that Monday would be better to post it. We have a lot going on this weekend and it starts today. We are doing my oldest child's school shopping today, tomorrow I am going to get my tuna salad ready for tuna sandwiches for my cousin's baby shower on Sunday plus I am making Macaroni and cheese too. So in light of the busy weekend ahead of me and trying to make sure Isabella has everything she needs for school, I have laundry to do tomorrow too.
Last night I found myself missing my girls when they were babies. The time has flown by and I guess that is a good thing because that means I have been having a good time being their mom. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Everything I have ever done since my oldest child was born has been for them. Even if some in my family didn't agree with my decisions at the time, I did what I felt was right for my kids. I am not the best mother in the world and I probably wont win any awards because I know I have made my fair share of mistakes along this journey. I feel that I get rewarded for my hard work when a teacher tells me that Isabella is such a joy to have in class and when friends and neighbors tell me what sweet children I have. That is when I know my husband and I have done our very best. Sure we don't have perfect children because we are not perfect ourselves. I just hope one day when I am gone my girls have the best memories of their father and me and maybe even pass some things down to their families that we enjoyed as a family as well. Hence for this blog, I love to cook and always have. I plan on making a special cook book for the girls of all their favorite foods that I cook them as children. So that way no matter where they are in the world, how near or far they are I want them to know they will never be too far from my heart, even when I die.
I hope you all have a great safe weekend and live,laugh and love whenever you can because its such a short time we are here on this earth.

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  1. I wouldn't trade it for the world either, baby. A new bass boat maybe, but not the world. :)