Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Steak Tacos

Hi everyone, so continuing with the left over theme. Have you ever cooked up one of those family packs of steaks thinking that you could use it for left overs with other meals but that never turned out to be the case? Or maybe your interested in doing something different with your steak but hitting a creative block when it comes to cooking. Well I have a solution for you, when life gives you left over steak, make tacos. To start you will need about a pound of left over steak, onion, banana pepper if you don't have a banana pepper you can use a Serrano pepper or jalapeno. Chili powder, salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil, taco seasoning, lettuce, tomato, taco shells, shredded cheese and salsa. Start off by sweating your onion and pepper in extra virgin olive oil, what sweating means is basically heating the veggies up where they release their juices but not to the point they brown. From here you want to dice up your steak in smaller than bite sided pieces put them in a bowl mix in chili powder salt and pepper, to add extra moisture I added the juices from the steak as well to give it added flavor as well as tenderness. Add your steak and chili powder seasoning to your veggies until warmed then add your taco seasoning, just follow the directions on the package. While that is thickening up dice up your tomatoes, lettuce and grab your taco shells. When the meat mixture is finished add your meat cheese and veggies, I top mine off with salsa, but if you are not watching calories like I am go ahead and add sour cream if you must, I wont look lol. Now you are ready to enjoy your steak tacos, they were a huge hit with my family and we are planning to make steak taco sandwiches too. I hope you your family enjoy them as much as mine did. I hope this gives you all some ideas on what to do with your left over steak. Until we meet tomorrow, I hope you live, laugh and love every day.

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