Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mishmawsh Macaroni

Hello everyone, today I am going to flip the switch to a really delicious recipe I just threw together one night last week. It was hot but I was so tired of having sandwiches and salads that this was a big hit, not just with my family but with a few neighbors I shared it with too. I call it Mishmawsh macaroni because its a throw together sort of meal that works. To start you will need, macaroni, diced carrot, green onion, garlic, and summer squash. Also you will need extra virgin olive oil, 4 strips of bacon if you are feeding a family of 4 if not just figure one slice per person.And you will need one can of petite diced tomatoes, I used Italian seasoned. I started this by baking my bacon, yes you heard me right I bake my bacon its less mess and splatter proof and it doesn't leave a mess in your oven either. After the bacon is finished to your likeness drain on a paper towel and dice then put aside. Pre heat a skillet with some extra virgin olive oil, add your veggies, cook until softened and add your bacon and tomatoes. Simmer just until your macaroni is finished cooking and then mix the sauce and the macaroni together. Serve it up with some nice crusty bread and or a side salad and some sweet tea and your all set to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. I hope you all enjoy and I hope you all make sure you live, laugh and love whenever you can.

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