Friday, August 6, 2010

Cinnamon Crisps

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my blog today and all the other days. So yesterday I wrote about back to school or work snacks. Following in that same theme here is another idea that is quick and easy and really yummy and your kids will love it.
You start off with one tortilla wrap, cinnamon and brown sugar. Spray a frying pan large enough to fit one tortilla wrap, with cooking spray, let the pan get hot and put your tortilla wrap in there browning both sides. Take it off the heat and top with with cinnamon and brown sugar on both sides. Next cut it in quarters, you can serve this with sugar free apple sauce. Pack it for work or school and you have a delicious snack that takes no time to put together. My daughter likes to dip the cinnamon crisps in her apple sauce, she says it tastes like apple pie lol. I will take her word for it. I like having them by themselves with some tea or coffee. Its a great little pick me up without a lot of fat and calories.
I hope you all enjoy my cinnamon crisps. Have a wonderful weekend guys and remember live, laugh and love.

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