Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School or work Snacks

Hello everyone, as the end of August nears we see in stores their assortments of school supplies and new clothes for the kids to go back to school in. Brings the feeling of a "I need it yesterday" mood surrounding the ever necessary back to school shopping. So to kick things off I thought of a few ideas that my daughter loves for her snack for school. In her school they must bring in healthy snacks no candies or chocolate or any of that junk is allowed. Here are a few ideas that are easy to put together and your child will love eating. To start you will need one whole wheat tortilla wrap, one teaspoon of all fruit or something that is 100 percent fruit and zero sugar and a mixture of sliced fresh strawberries and sliced kiwi. You spread your wrap with the all fruit and then add your strawberries and kiwi alternating the slices of kiwi and strawberry. When you feel there is enough fruit on there wrap it up like you were wrapping any type of other wrap and cut it down the length of the wrap where it makes little pinwheels. Instead of all fruit you can also use peanut butter and the fruit or peanut butter and all fruit, whatever mix it up a bit to make it interesting. Unless of course your child's school has not allowed peanut butter because of an allergy. I pair this with some carrot sticks and or celery sticks and some water and my daughter is on her way.
I hope this has given you all some ideas to jaz up your child's snack for school or a snack for any time. Look for more of these ideas as the school year approaches. Until we meet tomorrow I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous day and as always make sure you live, laugh and love.

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  1. Be sure to leave a bite or two of kiwi for Dad. Just sayin'. :)