Friday, July 30, 2010

Update on the Healthy lifestyle

Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog posts. I am very appreciative for you all. So as you all know I am trying a different way to look at calories in my food and a new healthy lifestyle for myself.
I know its only been a few days since starting down this journey but I have discovered a few things already like first of all I think I made a mistake. The reason why I think I made a mistake is because I should have eaten like I normally did through out the day then recorded it and then added up the calories I ate and then subtracted 500 from the total amount of calories eaten. That number should have been the starting point for this new lifestyle.
Another thing I have noticed is there just isn't enough time in the day to consume what I thought would be a healthy starting point of 2000 calories a day. I figured that is the thingy on the labels on most food products that says based on a 2000 calorie day diet or something like that. So that would be a good starting point for me to go by.
Last night I was hungry and I was able to still have a snack before bedtime and I still didn't even make it to my 2000 calories all day long.
Here is the part that is very confusing to me and if anyone has any suggestions about anything I am talking about please feel free to suggest away. I am finding I have been eating way less calories than I am now. I am not hungry in the morning and I have to force myself to eat something even its wheat toast and hummus for breakfast. I honestly do not get hungry until after 2 in the afternoon and even though I am replacing big meals with 5 little meals it seems as though those afternoon healthy snacks are not keeping my stomach from growling. So for a snack today I had a can of ginger ale 140 calories and some chex mix and I didn't measure or even look at the calorie content, I know right I cheated. Because I have no clue how many calories I ate, I am thinking tonight, Thursday night I will just have a bowl of cereal with berries and skim milk.
I have been clocking in around 1900 calories or less a day. I am getting a lot of activity between chasing after my 3 year old who thinks the upstairs bathroom is an amusement park to going up and down the stairs 25 times a day. I know right everything is a mess right now and I know that it will probably take a while for my body to adjust to this new way of life for me. Maybe I need to tweak my food and exercise a little bit more and then re tweak it as I go.
If anyone has any suggestions or advice it will much appreciated. Thank you all again and make sure you all take the time to live, laugh and love throughout your day.

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