Monday, July 19, 2010

Hi everyone, so last night we had a ton of leftovers that needed to used. We had leftover pork chops, potatoes and some summer squash picked fresh from our garden, that also needed to be cooked. I came up with a concoction of a Chinese hash. I diced up my tators and browned them in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and a half teaspoon of butter. You add a small amount of butter to keep the extra virgin olive oil from burning. Then you take the potatoes off the heat and let drain on a paper towel. Next you add in your veggies I used what I had on hand frozen veggie stir fry with sugar snap peas and diced summer squash and a jumbo clove of garlic. If you dont have the jumbo garlic not to worry , just use two cloves of fresh garlic or garlic powder. The trick here is just use what you have on hand. After I added the veggies I cut the pork chops off the bone and diced the meat and then added it to the veggies and then added the potatoes. For seasonings I added three teaspoons of soy sauce and three teaspoons of teriyaki sauce (season to your own taste). From there I added two pinches of brown sugar to even out the salt from the sauces and about 1 third cup of water. cooked until the veggies were no longer frozen and served it up. My whole family loved it. I was going to use rice but we were out of rice so the potatoes interestingly enough worked. It doesn't look very how shall we say "pretty", lol but it tastes great. Be sure when you drain the tators that you dont take the oils out of the pan. Try if you can to use a slotted spoon to get the tators out. Otherwise you will have to re add the extra virgin olive oil and butter. I hope you all enjoy and dont forget to live, laugh and love.


  1. As someone who ate some of this food, I'm telling you that it was good stuff. Like Heather wrote, it wasn't pretty, but it was dang good.

  2. Thank you Toby, most cases flavor is more important than appearance. I cannot count the times I have seen something that looked pretty but tasted horrible. I wasn't sure the potatoes would work since is Chinese inspired but it did. One would never know they were in there if they didn't ask. Plus potatoes is one of those foods that can take on the flavors of anything, because its a bland food. Thanks again for the comments its much appreciated.