Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by today and checking out my blog. I will just get right into what my secret is. So over the weekend we had a family function to attend, one of my aunt's was there taking pictures. When I looked at my picture I couldn't believe it was me. I didn't look healthy at all and even though I am pretty big person I never felt unhealthy so I have never seen me look that way before. I then checked out a few websites and I found this one from the Mayo Clinic. I found out that everything that I have done and was doing was the ruination of my health, not just the obvious but also the idea that I had to lose weight. Before when I would go on a diet I would reduce my calorie intake to like 500 calories a day. Well no wonder that wasn't working if the average person eats about 1500-1800 calories a day. Someone who is even larger eats more calories and their bodies are used to that high volume of calories so the Mayo clinic recommends you eat 500 less calories than what you ate before. So if you eat 2000 calories a day reduce them to 1500. No wonder all the muscle I had when I was younger is gone. Because even in high school when I had 30 pounds to lose I would reduce my calories in such a harsh way that my body was starving and yes I lost weight but I lost too much of the good stuff. Now by body looks like its been in a war with 7 cities. So this is what I have been doing I figured out how many calories I eat and reduced it by 500 and I eat 5 small meals a day. I am finding I can eat pretty much anything as long as its within my calories. This is only my second day doing this so from time to time I will keep you all updated.
Now on to something that is very near and dear to my heart. I am sure you all know about all the charities out there. Just yesterday I noticed someone on youtube who is a comedian doing this. Everyone has Haiti or Katrina funds for people to donate to. These are great things to help those people in those devastated areas. I have always asked myself though, is this money really going to someone who really needs it or is it going through 10 hands who don't need it before it gets to the hands to the people who do need it? I just cannot take peoples word for it. However there is a way that you me and others can directly help out the ones that need it. We all live in places where there are some that are doing well and those that aren't. We live in a time where people don't even know their neighbors where we just assume that because they appear to have a nice house then there are no problems. Well we all know what assuming things means. It makes an ass out of you and me. A week ago I introduced myself to some new neighbors who had a little girl. I never would have known if I didn't talk to them that before moving here they were homeless. I never would have known if I didn't talk to them that they needed a few things too. I will not share their names on here because that isn't what this is about. I talked this all over with my husband and we both came to the decision instead of giving to these charities where we have no clue if the money being sent is directly helping someone or not. We decided to go to Walmart and buy this young couple lets call them Ed and Sandra, some things they can use in their kitchen, like cups, plates, silverware, measuring cups and spoons, ect. We put it in a gift bag for them and handed it to them. Later in that evening Ed and Sandra came over and thanked us like crazy because they didnt have any of that stuff. My point here is this I am not tooting my own horn with this story, I am using this as an example that we all can do these things around our own neighborhoods. I am not originally from Augusta, where I grew up people do this all the time its a common way of life there so some readers of this blog from there will probably read this and think so what that is what we do, and where I grew up has the mentality of "it takes a village" where if someone is in need of help the neighborhood and surrounding communities come together. Since I moved from my hometown I have realized not everyone is like that and a lot of places no one even knows their neighbors. So I have a challenge for all my readers, go outside take a walk through your neighborhoods and have conversations with people, find out if there is someone in your neighborhood, maybe there is an elderly lady on your street who cant go to the grocery store because she is too lame. Maybe there is a young couple with a baby and they are out of formula or maybe they just need someone to talk to that isnt a baby. Whatever the case may be. The point is do something for someone who is in need in your own communities. That is my challenge for all of you, what you do doesn't have to cost a thing, just do it. Anyone can write a check and put it the mail box or call a number and donate money from your debit card, but doing the actual footwork yourself in your own neighborhoods. After all I was raised to believe that charity begins at home.
I know this blog was rather long today, I will try to be better about it. Until I see you tomorrow I hope you all take the time to live, laugh and love.


  1. Very nice, Heather. The smile on Ed's and Sandra's faces said it all. They were ecstatic. Ecstatic over some silly pots and pans, etc. But those silly pots and pans might as well been solid gold - they were priceless to this young couple. Heather and I are not looking for a pat on the back for performing a random act of kindness, things like this are what neighbors do for one another. We are not rich by any means or even well off, but, personally, I have been A LOT WORSE OFF than I am right now - a time when bologna tasted like a T-bone. God has blessed me in many ways so I'll never be "poor". Just being able to help someone in need is one thing makes me "rich".